Hotel De La Foret

Hotel De La Foret

Hotel De La Foret is in Crans-Montana, Switzerland. Its location has exotic views including the Valais Alps. It has a modern spa area and offers excellent services to its customers. It is only 400m from the Plaine Morte Glacier. The facilities offered at the hotel are welcoming to all guests.

Free Facilities

Hotel De La Foret has free Wi-Fi in all areas. The guests can use the internet without limitation at any time they are within the hotel premises. The Parking is free to the public without making reservations. You will enjoy having your luggage kept for you. Your valuables are stored in a safety box for free, and you are provided with a newspaper to read.

Room Services

The rooms are available from single rooms to family rooms. There are other rooms available including double rooms, deluxe double and triple rooms. If you need a room with a balcony, they are available. All these rooms are available at a standard cost. If you are worried about dirty linen, other services available are laundry and ironing services.

Hotel De La ForetCommunication

At Hotel De La Foret you will have someone who understands your language. The staff is bilingual to understand every client’s needs. The common languages spoken in this hotel are English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.


A variety of foods is available including special diets on order. The children are factored in by an inclusion of kids meals. The breakfast has a variety of choices, and you can choose to have your breakfast in the room. The serving style can be continental or buffet. You can also request for packed lunch.

Other Activities/Services

The hotel offers activities including wellness, outdoor and pool. There is a golf course available, Ski, hiking, cycling, casino, and terrace. The fitness has the sauna and massage. For the business people, there is a library, meeting hall or banquet facilities too. You can also be given office services like fax and photocopying on request.

There is a shared lounge or TV area. Other areas provided areas are smoking and nonsmoking zones. If you do not have a vehicle, you can use the hotel’s shuttle services.


When traveling, you will always desire to feel the comfort of your home in your hotel room. Though this may not be entirely possible, excellent hotel facilities like in Hotel De La Foret gives you near comfort. If you are traveling to Montana in Switzerland, consider using the services of this hotel.

7 Worlds Most Luxurious Hotels

The hotel industry is very competitive. These high-class hotels face little competition because only the rich go to them. They provide exclusive service to the clients.

Worlds Most Luxurious Hotels

1. Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi

The hotel is built to suit top tycoons. It has 394 rooms and suites with 40 meeting and conference rooms. The collection of marbles is from 13 different countries and has over 1000 chandeliers. You will love to spend in their excellent spa and enjoy the white sand beach.

Worlds Most Luxurious Hotels

2. Mardan Palace Hotel Turkey

The hotel in Turkey boasts to have the largest swimming pool that faces the Mediterranean and can fit over 1000 guests. Mardan hotel is among the best hotels in Europe with ten dining spots and 17 bars. The spa is excellent. The hotel imported over 9000 tons of sand from Egypt to give it the beach look.

Worlds Most Luxurious Hotels

3. Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai

The look of the Burj hotel alone is a tourist attraction. The billowing sail appearance has received the greatest number of photographs shot in the world. The rooms are exclusively built to meet the world class taste. The wonder of a hovering tennis court is worth seeing. The clients are treated with high royalty.

Worlds Most Luxurious Hotels

4. The Boulders Arizona

The Mother Nature surrounding this hotel gives it the taste of natural breeze. If you are a golfer, this is the place to play the game. The spa resort is exclusive. The uber-private gate serves the celebs who want to remain anonymous. They, however, do not disclose their clientele until their death.

Worlds Most Luxurious Hotels

5. Secrets Marquis Los Cabos

This hotel is perfect for people seeking total privacy. The villas have private dipping pools. Nature allows one to see the migration of whales while sculptors work gives it a real taste of art. Secrets Marquis faces the sea and is next to the George Clooney’s Beach.

Worlds Most Luxurious Hotels

6. Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas

The Atlantis is built on a 141-acre waterscape. The legendary hotel which is a tribute to the lost city of the Atlantis Paradise Island has 22 karat gold chandeliers, twin entertainment centers, whirl tubs, a formal dining room and much more.

Worlds Most Luxurious Hotels

7. Palms Las Vegas

If you need to spend your night on a rotating bed, spend your night at the Palms. You can also hold your get-together party here because it has a capacity of 250 people. You will enjoy their rooftop Jacuzzi and sauna, which bring a luxurious sensation to your life, especially current moments. The rooftop is ideal to be there with special ones and enjoy the espresso with your guests that’s famous in this hotel.


Dining in an exclusive five-star hotel is a rear experience. The class of these hotels only accommodates the wealthiest people in the world. However, the revenue they collect for their respective countries is worth.

10 Best Hotels In Switzerland

Popular for its pristine waters and amazing views, Switzerland has grown to become one of the leading tourist destinations in the entire world. In addition, Switzerland has some of the best hotels. With so many great hotels, choosing one can be quite overwhelming. However, we have narrowed it down to the 10 best hotels in Switzerland, to make your selection easier.

Best Hotels In Switzerland

1. Baur au Lac

This is one of the fanciest hotels in Zurich. It enjoys a tranquil and leafy location, adjacent to landscaped gardens and close to the city center and the lake. It has been operational for more than 100 years.

Best Hotels In Switzerland

2. The Dolder Grand

This was initially opened in 1899. It has hosted A-list celebrities including Albert Einstein, Sophia Loren, and the Rolling Stones. It offers some of the most exquisite accommodation in the country.

Best Hotels In Switzerland

3. Hotel dâ Angleterre

If you are looking for a wonderful and personalized experience, then you should consider a stay in this hotel. Opened in 1872, it combines a contemporary fair with a traditional luxury, which is not easy to come by.

Best Hotels In Switzerland

4. La Réserve Genève Hotel, Spa & Villas

When you visit Switzerland, you should stay at this luxury hotel, you would immediately feel like you are in Africa. Rooms in this hotel are decorated with earth, muted tones, with rugs and wood floors forming a contemporary faux-animal print.

Best Hotels In Switzerland

5. Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva

Many regard it as the first hotel in Geneva. It has been hosting upmarket guests since 1834. It features 115 guest rooms, which are sumptuously decorated using classic wallpaper, plush fabric and thick draping curtains.

Best Hotels In Switzerland

6. Bellevue Palace

The Bellevue Palace takes you down memory lane, thanks to its impressive location and venerable history. Unlike other hotels in the region filled with modern decor, this one features old-world glamour.

Best Hotels In Switzerland

7. Hotel Schweizerhof Bern & THE SPA

This centrally located hotel features some luxurious rooms, which combine elegant interior design, as well as innovative facilities. You will also find a rooftop terrace and a spa centre, for rejuvenation.

Best Hotels In Switzerland

8. Beau-Rivage Palace

This is a sumptuous hotel located on Ouchy, a Lausanne lakefront district. It has hosted celebrities, royalty and some of the most famous residents in the local area. Notable guests include Nelson Mandela and Charlie Chaplin.

Best Hotels In Switzerland

9. Les Trois Rois

Elegantly located on the banks of the Rhine River, this gorgeous 5-star hotel features sparkling chandeliers, lavish rooms and suites and amazing views of the Rhine. It is truly a memorable experience.

Best Hotels In Switzerland

10. Carlton Hotel

At the Carlton Hotel, you will be treated to Mediterranean cuisines and a relaxing experience. You should also note that all its rooms face south, so that guests can enjoy stunning views of the St. Moritz.

Final Word

As noted earlier, Switzerland has some of the best hotels in the world. Apart from these 10 locations, there are many more. It all depends on your budget and other personal preferences. Otherwise, enjoy your stay!

How to Spend 5 Days In Iceland?

A trip to Iceland is one of the exciting tours around the world, and traveling worldwide countries is one of the healthiest activities. You can spend five special days and see all the wonders of this part of the world including volcanic rocks, geysers and hot springs among others.

How to Spend 5 Days In Iceland

Day One

You will drive on the golden circle road. It starts near and ends near Reykjavik and one afternoon is enough here. Next stop is the Thingvellir National Park where American and Eurasian tectonic plates meet. The geyser hot springs are boiling mud pits and the smell of Sulphur. They erupt every 7 “ 10 minutes. The Gulfoss waterfalls are the next heroic site where you gaze down to the falls.

How to Spend 5 Days In Iceland

Day Two

On this day you go sightseeing and walk around from Reykjavik to Vik. The drive is between glacial rivers and great lava fields. Outside Reykjavik are Seljalandsfoss and Gljufrabui falls. To see Gljufrabui you will have to walk inside a gorge till you arrive at a cave where it is located. The Skogafoss Falls you can view it from top or bottom. Solheimasandur plane wreck is on the flat black sand beach. Catch the sight before dark falls. Vik town is the next stop.

How to Spend 5 Days In Iceland

Day Three

This is the journey from Vik to Hofn known as sleep while you die. Reynishverfi Basalt Column Beach is a real climbing adventure when the tide is out. The Vik Black Sand Beach is attractive both in summer and winter. A visit to Skaftafell National Park is worth. The landscape is beautiful and many hikes. You can walk through the pebble path to reach the glaciers. You will spend the night at Hofn.

How to Spend 5 Days In Iceland

Day Four

The day begins as Hofn. You need to pick up your day’s food at the local market. You will spend your day relaxing and walking around the beautiful maritime fishing village. You can shop for your Iceland souvenirs in this area. If the weather is good, you can have a picnic at the harbor to see the boats as they arrive and leave. The landscape here consists of sea grass, giant dunes, and mountains that plunge into the sea.

How to Spend 5 Days In Iceland

Day Five

On this day you return to Reykjavik. You will drive through Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon. Here you will see crystal clear blue ice sitting on the black beach. Dryholaey is the home of puffin, excellent beaches, and rock formations. It is and excellent sights for a photo shoot. After five hour drive, you are back to the capital Reykjavik. You can relax before you catch your flight home.


While on a visit to Iceland remember to keep your GPS programmed. You will recall every sight in this land.

11 Common Questions about Portable Conditioners


A Portable air conditioner can be put in a place of your choice and work well. However, one needs to know the answers of some basic questions. These includes the following:

1. What is a Portable Air Conditioner?

Yes, it can be moved. It does need permanent installation and has wheels to ease its mobility. The conditioners are lightweight and about 28 inches to 34 inches tall.

2. Do a Portable Conditioner need to Vent?

All conditioners need to be vented. The best place to put the conditioner is near a window. The warm air will be vented out easily through the back facing the ventilation.

3. What happens to the moisture pulled from the air?

Some conditioners have a self-evaporating technology. The conditioner collects moisture and evaporates through the back of the air conditioner. If there is high humidity, the water is collected in a reservoir inside the unit which you can drain yourself.

4. Are Portable Conditioners noisy?

The noise is standard. It is between 48db and 60db which is equal to rainfall noise or normal conversation. However, the sound depends on an individual. Most portable AC have a compressor and fan that is similar to a window air conditioner.

5. Factors to consider when buying a portable air conditioner?

The size depends on the room size or BTU. In a high BTU, the conditioner cools a larger area. The single hose units expel warm air while still pulling in more air to cool. They are easy to install.

6. Do AC’s need unusual Power Accommodation?

Movable air conditioners operate on 115 Volts to 60 hertz. The voltage is standard, and the unit has three prongs grounded plug.

7. Are the AC’s energy efficient?

An AC with high EER is energy efficient. It will also depend on the areas you are cooling.

8. What is the size of the exhaust of portable AC?

The size of the exhaust depends on the model of AC. The standard length is 4-7 feet. They are temperature resistant and enhanced with metal.

9. Can I use a dryer vent to vent out the AC?

It is not advisable. The two vents hoses are different in diameters. Some units have smaller hoses that match a dryer hose which is 4 inches.

10. Can a Garage be cooled using Portable AC?

Yes, you can use a portable conditioner, but the size of the unit depends on the scale of the garage.

11. Can I use the AC to cool the server room?

The air conditioner works well in the server room. It will cool the computers which are necessary.


You will need to purchase an air conditioner that is right for your intended purpose to get the best results.

Why Is Travel Good for Your Health?

Travel Good for Your Health

We are devoted to our daily activities including work and home affairs. It is advisable once in a year to break off and go on holiday. The body need to rest from all the hustles. This kind of rest is a medical remedy too.

1. Exposure to Different Environments

Traveling to different areas of the world exposes you to different types of environment. This exposure helps your body produce more antibodies to fight the bacteria in your new surroundings. If your body contracts the new bacteria, the antibodies created can fight it back making your body stronger.

2. Low-Stress Level

Too much work without rest will stress you. Consider taking a break even if it is for three days. The body gets relieved from fatigue, and you get increased happiness. This relieve can last for weeks even after your vacation is over.

3. Improved Brain Health

The people who travel or study abroad are more emotionally stable states the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. When you meet new people or situations, you become more enlightened. You understand different cultures and behaviors through your new experience.

Travel Good for Your Health4. Decreased Heart Disease

Individuals who travel more rarely suffer heart diseases. The reason behind is they have less stress in their life because they move away from their oppressors or sad situations. Most heart conditions occur due to anxiety which they avoid.

5. Health Fitness

Taking a break from your normal life means you spend quite some money. You will, however, want to utilize the money wisely. When traveling, most people engage in activities like sports, walks or another activity to keep you busy. This in return gives you good health.

6. Healing Process

Traveling to other parts of the world is the start of your healing process. The admiration of nature relieves mental illnesses. You can choose to soak in the mineral water which improves your skin. You can also admire some of the world’s best technologies, and you feel rejuvenated.

7. Long life expectancy

All work without play makes Jack a dull boy. If you live working and never rest, you are likely to fall ill and succumb to the disease. Taking a real time off duty will increase your life expectancy through reduced stress and increased mental knowledge.


Choosing a destination of travel is critical. You should try and visit different locations each year. The idea is to give you more knowledge about the culture of the people in that land. The exposure to new technology and skills also improves your brain health rapidly.

What Should Be In a Hotel Ceiling Fan?

What Should Be In a Hotel Ceiling Fan

Hotel rooms are small, and the ventilation may be inadequate. In other instances, the windows may remain locked for security reasons or to control the noise level from outside. Therefore, the need for a fan in a hotel room is paramount. This fan should be able to serve effectively during hot seasons or provide fresh air in the chamber. This ceiling fan guide might help those looking for a ceiling fan:

1. Blade size

Bigger blades move more air than the small blades. The larger blades consume more power but are more silent while on low speed than the smaller ones on high speed. However, when installing the fan consider the size of the room first.

2. Speed

AC fans operate at different speeds. This can, however, be controlled by use of gears in rear situations. The AC speed can be controlled by use of a capacitor and microchip controller. A good fan is controlled from the wall but not by pulling a chain.

3. Low Noise Level

A real fan should have low sound level without disrupting the sleep of the guest. The more the blades to move air the less noise they make.

What Should Be In a Hotel Ceiling Fan4. Cost Effective

Do not waste money on a fan that doesn’t give you long service. An air fan saves more energy than an A.C. Therefore, there is a reduction in the running cost.

5. Drop rods

You will need a lowered fan to give better service if your ceiling is high. However, the fan should be correctly placed with right balance not to produce a lot of noise. A hotel can also install a fan that can be reversed. During cold seasons the hot air will be reversed back thus saving on heating bills.

6. Build quality

Cheap fans will break shortly after the year warranty period. Some of them fail because of corrosion. The best blade quality is made from plywood because it does not twist. Cheap speed capacitors fail after a short time of use.

7. Reliability and Warranty

Real fans will have a warranty of ten years. Cheap fans that may not be branded and you do the installation yourself. Invest in companies that have been in the field for a long time to give you the best quality.


Hotels should invest in the best fans possible. The air concentration in the rooms can be disturbing to customers. However, it is important to know there are communicable diseases spread through the use of fans. Hotels should do service check to control such instances.