11 Common Questions about Portable Conditioners


A Portable air conditioner can be put in a place of your choice and work well. However, one needs to know the answers of some basic questions. These includes the following:

1. What is a Portable Air Conditioner?

Yes, it can be moved. It does need permanent installation and has wheels to ease its mobility. The conditioners are lightweight and about 28 inches to 34 inches tall.

2. Do a Portable Conditioner need to Vent?

All conditioners need to be vented. The best place to put the conditioner is near a window. The warm air will be vented out easily through the back facing the ventilation.

3. What happens to the moisture pulled from the air?

Some conditioners have a self-evaporating technology. The conditioner collects moisture and evaporates through the back of the air conditioner. If there is high humidity, the water is collected in a reservoir inside the unit which you can drain yourself.

4. Are Portable Conditioners noisy?

The noise is standard. It is between 48db and 60db which is equal to rainfall noise or normal conversation. However, the sound depends on an individual. Most portable AC have a compressor and fan that is similar to a window air conditioner.

5. Factors to consider when buying a portable air conditioner?

The size depends on the room size or BTU. In a high BTU, the conditioner cools a larger area. The single hose units expel warm air while still pulling in more air to cool. They are easy to install.

6. Do AC’s need unusual Power Accommodation?

Movable air conditioners operate on 115 Volts to 60 hertz. The voltage is standard, and the unit has three prongs grounded plug.

7. Are the AC’s energy efficient?

An AC with high EER is energy efficient. It will also depend on the areas you are cooling.

8. What is the size of the exhaust of portable AC?

The size of the exhaust depends on the model of AC. The standard length is 4-7 feet. They are temperature resistant and enhanced with metal.

9. Can I use a dryer vent to vent out the AC?

It is not advisable. The two vents hoses are different in diameters. Some units have smaller hoses that match a dryer hose which is 4 inches.

10. Can a Garage be cooled using Portable AC?

Yes, you can use a portable conditioner, but the size of the unit depends on the scale of the garage.

11. Can I use the AC to cool the server room?

The air conditioner works well in the server room. It will cool the computers which are necessary.


You will need to purchase an air conditioner that is right for your intended purpose to get the best results.

What Should Be In a Hotel Ceiling Fan?

What Should Be In a Hotel Ceiling Fan

Hotel rooms are small, and the ventilation may be inadequate. In other instances, the windows may remain locked for security reasons or to control the noise level from outside. Therefore, the need for a fan in a hotel room is paramount. This fan should be able to serve effectively during hot seasons or provide fresh air in the chamber. This ceiling fan guide might help those looking for a ceiling fan: https://ceilingfancomparison.com/guide/.

1. Blade size

Bigger blades move more air than the small blades. The larger blades consume more power but are more silent while on low speed than the smaller ones on high speed. However, when installing the fan consider the size of the room first.

2. Speed

AC fans operate at different speeds. This can, however, be controlled by use of gears in rear situations. The AC speed can be controlled by use of a capacitor and microchip controller. A good fan is controlled from the wall but not by pulling a chain.

3. Low Noise Level

A real fan should have low sound level without disrupting the sleep of the guest. The more the blades to move air the less noise they make.

What Should Be In a Hotel Ceiling Fan4. Cost Effective

Do not waste money on a fan that doesn’t give you long service. An air fan saves more energy than an A.C. Therefore, there is a reduction in the running cost.

5. Drop rods

You will need a lowered fan to give better service if your ceiling is high. However, the fan should be correctly placed with right balance not to produce a lot of noise. A hotel can also install a fan that can be reversed. During cold seasons the hot air will be reversed back thus saving on heating bills.

6. Build quality

Cheap fans will break shortly after the year warranty period. Some of them fail because of corrosion. The best blade quality is made from plywood because it does not twist. Cheap speed capacitors fail after a short time of use.

7. Reliability and Warranty

Real fans will have a warranty of ten years. Cheap fans that may not be branded and you do the installation yourself. Invest in companies that have been in the field for a long time to give you the best quality.


Hotels should invest in the best fans possible. The air concentration in the rooms can be disturbing to customers. However, it is important to know there are communicable diseases spread through the use of fans. Hotels should do service check to control such instances.