7 Worlds Most Luxurious Hotels

The hotel industry is very competitive. These high-class hotels face little competition because only the rich go to them. They provide exclusive service to the clients.

Worlds Most Luxurious Hotels

1. Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi

The hotel is built to suit top tycoons. It has 394 rooms and suites with 40 meeting and conference rooms. The collection of marbles is from 13 different countries and has over 1000 chandeliers. You will love to spend in their excellent spa and enjoy the white sand beach.

Worlds Most Luxurious Hotels

2. Mardan Palace Hotel Turkey

The hotel in Turkey boasts to have the largest swimming pool that faces the Mediterranean and can fit over 1000 guests. Mardan hotel is among the best hotels in Europe with ten dining spots and 17 bars. The spa is excellent. The hotel imported over 9000 tons of sand from Egypt to give it the beach look.

Worlds Most Luxurious Hotels

3. Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai

The look of the Burj hotel alone is a tourist attraction. The billowing sail appearance has received the greatest number of photographs shot in the world. The rooms are exclusively built to meet the world class taste. The wonder of a hovering tennis court is worth seeing. The clients are treated with high royalty.

Worlds Most Luxurious Hotels

4. The Boulders Arizona

The Mother Nature surrounding this hotel gives it the taste of natural breeze. If you are a golfer, this is the place to play the game. The spa resort is exclusive. The uber-private gate serves the celebs who want to remain anonymous. They, however, do not disclose their clientele until their death.

Worlds Most Luxurious Hotels

5. Secrets Marquis Los Cabos

This hotel is perfect for people seeking total privacy. The villas have private dipping pools. Nature allows one to see the migration of whales while sculptors work gives it a real taste of art. Secrets Marquis faces the sea and is next to the George Clooney’s Beach.

Worlds Most Luxurious Hotels

6. Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas

The Atlantis is built on a 141-acre waterscape. The legendary hotel which is a tribute to the lost city of the Atlantis Paradise Island has 22 karat gold chandeliers, twin entertainment centers, whirl tubs, a formal dining room and much more.

Worlds Most Luxurious Hotels

7. Palms Las Vegas

If you need to spend your night on a rotating bed, spend your night at the Palms. You can also hold your get-together party here because it has a capacity of 250 people. You will enjoy their rooftop Jacuzzi and sauna, which bring a luxurious sensation to your life, especially current moments. The rooftop is ideal to be there with special ones and enjoy the espresso with your guests that’s famous in this hotel.


Dining in an exclusive five-star hotel is a rear experience. The class of these hotels only accommodates the wealthiest people in the world. However, the revenue they collect for their respective countries is worth.